Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Guidelines for online submission:

  1. The author must first register as a writer on the Istiqra Journal Website by clicking on the menu Login to register as an author.
  2. After the author is registered, please log in to the Istiqra Journal website and submit the manuscript via online submission (with active status submissions).
  3. Manuscripts must follow the standard template provided by the Istiqra Journal manager (authors can download it on the Istiqra Journal Website).
  4. Each citation must follow the citation style American Psychological Association (APA)
  5. Authors are prohibited from submitting their manuscripts to other journals before receiving confirmation from the editorial team (approximately 4 weeks after the manuscript is submitted).
  6. The author must follow the decisions and recommendations of the Editor regarding the completion of the manuscript.


Article submitted to the Jurnal Istiqra editorial board must follow these guidelines:

  1. Manuscripts must be based on scientific research in the field: Communication, da'wah, and journalism. Politics. Economics or Finance. Management. Philosophy. Linguistics. Law. Sociology. Psychology. and History of Islamic Civilization.
  2. Manuscripts must be original works and have never been published before.
  3. Manuscripts can be written in Indonesian or English.
  4. Manuscripts are typed with half spacing on size paper A4.
  5. Minimum length of the text is 4500 words and the maximum is 7500 words, however, shorter and longer texts will be considered.
  6. All submitted manuscripts must include an abstract of a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words.
  7. Abstract must be written in 2 languages: English and Indonesian.
  8. The full name of the author must be stated without a title, along with the institution then the email address and contact number to be contacted.
  9. All submitted manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word document file format.
  10. Every reference referred to must be included in citations in brackets and a bibliography in the Istiqra Journal style. In addition, authors are advised to use reference manager tools such as Mendeley or Zotero


Plagiarism Checker

All Manuscripts sent to the Istiqra Journal manager must go through Turnitin