The Effect Of English Song Lyrics On The Improvement Of Students' Vocabulary Proficiency At The Eleventh Grade At Sma 4 Palu



This article is aimed to investigate the effect of English Song Lyrics on the improvement of students’ vocabulary proficiency. In particular, it is aimed to examine whether the use of English Song Lyrics is effective to improve students’ vocabulary proficiency. The article employs quasi experimental design because there was little chance to do random sampling to create better and all-encompassing comparisons between the two groups being investigated. The samples of the research consists of Experimental and Control Groups which were derived from six classes of the eleventh grade of social science department at SMA  4 Palu on the basis of purposive sampling technic. The choice of the design and the samples led to the use of pre- and post-tests as the main data collection technics. The analysis of the research is mainly based on the use of T- test. The findings of the research show that there is significant improvement of students’ vocabulary proficiency due to the implementation of English Song Lyrics in teaching English. This was shown by the results of T-counted value in Experimental Group was far higher than the value of T- table. The implication of the research is to inform teachers of English in general to provide well-presented media to improve the quality of their instructions which in turn help students develop their English skills.

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